Tuesday, November 25, 2008

loom slippers

"No Short Rowing Slippers"--Loom

The knitting loom patterns I make up are fairly easy and pretty basic. They are great for teaching loom knitting and quick patterns for the seasoned knitter.

This pattern is for my “No Short Rowing Slippers”. The knitting starts at the heel and works on down to the toe of the slipper.

These are quick and easy and make great last minute gifts. This pattern is for an adult but you can easily adjust the size by adding or subtracting rows.

There is no short rowing to keep tract of for the heel, which adds to the ease of this pattern. I hope you enjoy these slippers as much as my family does.

There is plenty of knitting loom patterns coming to the site so be sure and check back.

No Short rowing Heel Slippers

Adult Slippers

Materials needed:

Blue Knifty Knitter 24 peg round loom

3 strands sports weight yarn

Ewrap 24 pegs (do not connect)

1. Reverse direction and ewrap the pegs again.

2. Knit across

3 – 19 Repeat rows 1 and 2

Now you will knit around in a tube. (do not reverse anymore)

20 – 33 Knit around

With a large eyed needle, string off toes end. Pull tight and tie off.

Sew up heel end of slipper with a slipstitch.

Chain 75 and weave thru ankle part of slippers. Make pom poms for decoration if you wish. (My husband doesn’t want pom poms)

I do most of my knitting in the evening watching TV and this is one of those projects we can complete in one evening without a lot of concentration.

You know we all love to have a few mindless patterns too.

This pattern is ideal for those last minute gifts also.

The pattern is worked from heel to toe so you can add rows to make it larger or subtract rows to make it smaller.That is the great thing about this pattern. It is simple to adjust but also a nice finished project. Just go by the foot length.

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