Friday, November 28, 2008

loom baby ugg's

Tools: small round blue Knifty Knitter loom, 1 skien Vanna White yarn in taupe, 1 skien fuzzy tan yarn

Calf to Ankle:

Using the blue kk loom, cast on 10 pegs using e-wrap and knit 24 rows back and forth. This will knit a flat peice. After kniting 24 rows, crochet off. Put this peice aside.


Using the blue kk loom, cast on 8 pegs and knit 16 rows back and forth using e-wrap. Crochet off, and set aside.


Cast on blue kk loom 5 pegs and knit 8 rows back and forth using e-wrap. Crochet off.

Now, get the peice made for the toe. Turn inside out and sew up one end and two sides leaving the other end open. Turn right side out and set aside.

Take the panel you made for the calf to ankle and turn inside out sewing the two ends together. Turn right side out once this is done and set aside.

Now, take the heel peice lengthwise and sew one end to the bottom of the opening for the toe. Once it is attached to the bottom of the toe, get the calf to ankle peice and sew the front of it to the top of the toe opening, gradually sewing around until you get to the heel peice. Then sew the heel to the calf to ankle peice going around until all three peices are sewed together.

Once this is done, cut a long strand of the fuzzy yarn and go around the top of the boot basically whipping the yarn on around it. Then you will sew a line down to the toe at a slant. Once you have done this and the yarn is above the toe, then sew around to each side with the fuzzy yarn.

And your done!! I hope you all will try this pattern and share with me your results! If anyone has any questions feel free to let me know! I hope you all like them!

fits 6 month to 1 year

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