Friday, January 23, 2009

Bean Puree vs. oil

Who knew chocolate cake could be so delicious, low-fat, and full of fiber and protein! The great thing about substituting bean puree for oil in cake mixes is that there is NO texture difference like with the brownies (since brownies are supposed to be chewy and cake is supposed to be…well…cake like). The other bonus to using beans is that the cake doesn’t go stale as quickly because there is no oil (and oil is what makes it stale). So, with cake make sure you substitute ALL the oil with bean puree…there is NO adverse effect on taste or texture plus you get all the benefits of fiber and protein to your diet, meaning you won’t eat as big of a piece! You can use this idea with any boxed cake just make sure you match the color of beans with the color of cake i.e. White Beans-Vanilla or Yellow Cake, Pinto Beans-Spice Cake, Black Beans-Chocolate or Devil’s Food Cake. So now you can make a cake from all food storage ingredients…powdered eggs for eggs and bean puree for oil. YEAH FOR FOOD STORAGE!!

Extra Tip: Make your cake a Bundt cake because you don’t generally frost those cakes…cutting out those frosting calories. You can simply dust the cake with powdered sugar or use a simple glaze. It still looks elegant…remember gourmet places always use powdered sugar as a topping.

Bean Puree

This is really easy to make.

Home Cooked Beans: Take cooked beans (reserve the cooking water) and blend in your blender with enough water to create a thick paste. (Basically enough water to make all the beans turn into a puree. If you need to see how to cook beans, read below.

Canned Beans: Dump entire contents of can (beans and water) into a blender and blend until it is a thick paste.

Click HERE to learn how to cook your dry beans.

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