Friday, December 5, 2008

ski hat with ear flaps

This hat was knit in the round top-down. I prefer to make all hats from top to bottom, because I think it's easier to get the sizing right. Just try it on as you go!

Main Color (mc) ~75 yards grey worsted weight - I used GGH Savanna in Galaxy
Contrast Color (cc) ~20 yards white worsted weight - I used GGH Savanna in White
Contrast Color 2 (cc2) ~20 yards black lighter worsted weight - I used Lavish 100% alpaca
Size 7 double pointed needles (DPNs)
Size G or H crochet hook
Using the mc, cast on 2 stitches on two of the DPNs. (4 total)
Row 1: Join. K
Row 2: M1 (8 total). Spread the stitches across 4 dpns, so you have two stitches on each needle.
Row 3: K
Row 4: *K1 M1 rep from * (16 total)
Row 5: K
Row 6: *K2 M1 rep from * (24 total)
Row 7: K
Row 8: *K3 M1 rep from * (32 total)
Row 9: K
Row 10: *K4 M1 rep from * (40 total)
Row 11: K
Row 12: *K5 M1 rep from * (48 total)
Row 13: K
Row 14: *K6 M1 rep from * (56 total)
Row 15: K
Row 16: *K7 M1 rep from * (64 total)
Row 17: K
Row 18: *K8 M1 rep from * (72 total)
Row 19: K
Row 20: *K9 M1 rep from * (80 total)
Rows 21-35: St st
Switch to cc. Rows 36-38 st st
Rows 39-42: *3P 1K rep from *
Rows 43-45: K
Switch to mc. Rows 46-55: K
Row 56:K30 BO20 K30 (60 total) The bound off part will be the front of the hat. You will no longer work in the round. You can put away one of the DPNs if it's more comfortable for you.
Row 57: K2tog K56 K2tog (58 total)
Row 58: P
Row 59: K2tog K54 K2tog (56 total)
Row 60: P14 BO28 P14 The bound off portion is the back of the hat. The 14 st sections will each become an ear flap.
Ear Flaps
Repeat the following on both 14 st sections of live stitches.

Row 61: P
Row 62: K2tog K10 K2tog (12 total)
Row 63: P
Row 64: K2tog K8 K2tog (10 total)
Row 65: P
Row 66: K2tog K6 K2tog (8 total)
Row 67: P
Row 68: K2tog K4 K2tog (6 total)
Row 69: P
*K2tog rep from * (3 total)
Sl1 K2tog PSSO (1 left)
Cut tail and pull it through the final stitch so it won't unravel (you could bind off too, but it's easier just to pull it through). Either weave in end or work in into the ties.
Trim and Finishing
Switch to cc2 and single crochet around the edge.
Weave in ends.
The ties are braids. Cut long (about 2.5 times the length you want) pieces of whichever colors you'd like. You want three strands. Pull the strands through the bottom of each ear flap. Divide the ends into 3 groups of 2 (you use both ends from one strand), and braid.
You can attach pom poms to the end of you like. If you wanted it to be super warm, you could also line it with fleece.

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