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cozy toes hand knitted socks

Cozy Toes Hand Knit Socks
Cozy Toes Hand Knit Socks by fireflyMy daughter gave me two hanks of Chunky Misti Alpaca yarn for Christmas because she knew I was yearning to make myself a warm and cozy pair of house socks for the winter months ahead.

Misti Alpaca is an awesomely soft yarn that comes in several weights. Here is a quote from their website: "Softest Yarn Ever, Warmth Without Weight. Misti Alpaca Chunky is exquisitely soft and heavenly to knit. A favorite yarn of both the beginner & experienced knitter."

After knitting and wearing this pair of socks, I have to agree with those statements wholeheartedly.

On the right side of this page you will find a list of Misti Alpaca in the colors I have available as well as a convenient order form (see below) in case you care to order the yarn for your socks from me.

If you live in an area where alpaca socks would be too warm, choose any chunky yarn that yields the same gauge.

I believe I have developed here a simple pattern, easy for those who are new to knitting socks (perhaps trying to for the first time, I hope) and enjoyable for even an experienced knitter.

If you have an entire weekend to just knit and watch old movies, you might be able to finish a pair during that time.


* 2 hanks Chunky Misti Alpaca yarn (or 216 yards similar chunky yarn)
* Set of 5 U.S. Size 7 dpns
* Tapestry Needle

Order a yarn kit for your Cozy Toes! Choose from either Group 1 or Group 2 colors on the PayPal order form below (see color samples at right).

For a total price of $28.80 you will receive two hanks of the color you select.
Group One
Group Two


Gauge: 6 to 6.5 1x1 ribbing stitches (K1, P1) to the inch.

Please note these directions fit an average woman's 7.5 US shoe size. The leg (before the heel flap begins) is 11" long, the foot from the turning of the heel to the base of the toes measures 7.5".

To determine the proper foot length, measure the foot from the back of the heel to the base of the toes and add 1/2". If that measurement is longer than 7.5", make the leg that much shorter so that you will not run out of yarn. Likewise if the sock is for a shorter foot, you may increase the leg length by the same amount. You will be using pretty much one entire hank of yarn (108 yards) per sock.


It is very important to check your gauge by knitting a swatch before you start. Though it might seem like a pain in the behind to knit a swatch, doing so is much easier than reknitting a sock that doesn't fit properly when it is complete.

When you knit your swatch, knit it in the pattern stitch which is a 1x1 rib for this pattern. I suggest you cast on twelve stitches and work about ten rows in K1, P1 ribbing. Remove the swatch from your needles without casting off and measure your gauge. If it is off, try adjusting your tension tighter or looser or change up or down one size needles until you get the same gauge my pattern calls for. (You should unravel your swatch(es) so that you can use the yarn for your socks.)

Once you are confident you are knitting to the correct gauge, begin your first sock by casting on 40 stitches loosely; these socks are knit cuff to toe.

Arrange the 40 stitches as follows on four dpns:

* Needle 1 (N1) 11 stitches
* Needle 2 (N2) 9 stitches
* Needle 3 (N3) 11 stitches
* Needle 4 (N4) 9 stitches

Make Leg

Knit two rounds, keeping stitches fairly loose.

Work 1x1 ribbing (K1, P1, beginning each complete round with K1 and ending each complete round with P1) for about one inch.

Leg Decrease Round 1: N1 (K1,P1)twice, K2tog, P2tog, K1, P1, K1; continue 1x1 ribbing on remaining needles. Two stitches decreased, 38 stitches remain.

Work 1x1 ribbing for about one more inch.

Leg Decrease Round 2: N1 and N2 continue 1x1 ribbing; N3 (K1,P1)twice, K2tog, P2tog, K1, P1, K1; N4 continue 1x1 ribbing. Two stitches decreased, 36 stitches remain.

Continue with leg in 1x1 ribbing until entire leg measures 11", or desired length. Stop last leg round after completing stitches on N3.

Slip stitches from N3 onto N2 (these will be the instep stitches); slip stitches from N4 to N1.

Heel Flap
Cozy Toes Hand Knit Socks Cuffed

Begin the Heel Flap with right side facing, working the stitches that were on N4 and N1 as follows:

Row 1 (right side): *Slip 1 purlwise, K1*; repeat from * to * to end of row. Turn.

Row 2 (wrong side): Slip 1 purlwise, *K1, P1*; repeat from * to * to within last stitch; end K1. Turn.

Work Rows 1 and 2 of Heel Flap for a total of 18 rows.

Turn Heel

Row 1 (right side): K10, ssk, K1, turn.

Row 2 (wrong side): Slip 1 purlwise, P3, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 3: Slip 1 purlwise, K4, K2tog, K1, turn.

Row 4: Slip 1 purlwise, P5, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 5: Slip 1 purlwise, K6, K2tog, K1, turn.

Row 6: Slip 1 purlwise, P7, P2tog, P1, turn.

Row 7: Slip 1 purlwise, K8, K2tog, turn.

Row 8: Slip 1 purlwise, P8, P2tog, turn. Ten heel stitches remain.


Set up: With free needle, knit first five heel stitches; this will now be N4 again.

Using free needle, knit 5 remaining heel stitches; this will be N1 again.

With the same needle (N1) pick up and knit 9 stitches along side of heel. When you reach the instep stitches, pick up one more stitch from the row below the first instep stitch (this will help prevent a hole where the heel joins the instep). Now you have 15 stitches on N1.

With another free needle, work first 9 instep stitches in 1x1 ribbing beginning with P1; this will be N2.

With another free needle, work remaining 9 instep stitches in 1x1 ribbing beginning with K1; this will be N3.

With another free needle, pick up one stitch from the row below the first instep stitch. With the same needle, pick up and knit 9 stitches along side of heel. Knit across remaining 5 heel stitches; total of 15 stitches on this last needle and it will be N4.

At this point, you should have 15 stitches on N1 and N4, and 9 stitches on N2 and N3.

Note: Bottom of heel and bottom of foot will be all knit stitches, but the instep stitches will continue to be worked in 1x1 ribbing until you reach the toe.

Shape Gusset

Round 1 (decrease): N1 knit to within last three stitches, K2tog, K1; N2 and N3 continue in 1x1 ribbing; N4 K1, ssk, knit remaining stitches.

Round 2: N1 knit all stitches, N2 and N3 work 1 x 1 ribbing, N4 knit all stitches.

Work these two rounds a total of 18 times, until you have a total of 36 stitches remaining (9 stitches on each needle).

Make Foot

Continue to knit all stitches on N1 and N4, and work 1x1 ribbing on N2 and N3 until foot measures total of 7 1/2" (from back of heel) or to desired length).

Toe Shaping

Round 1 (decrease): N1 knit to within last three stitches, K2tog, K1; N2 K1, ssk, knit to end of needle; N3 knit to within last three stitches, K2tog, K1; N4 K1, ssk, knit remaining stitches on needle.

Round 2: Knit all stitches on all needles.

Work these two rounds until six stitches remain on each needle (24 stitches total).

Continue to work only Round 1 (decrease) until three stitches remain on each needle (12 stitches total).


Knit stitches from N1 onto N4; six stitches will now be on N4. Slip stitches from N3 to N2. Now you will have six stitches on each of two needles.

Cut yarn, leaving a 12" tail.

Thread yarn into tapestry needle.

Slip first stitch on each needle onto tapestry needle, one after the other and remove them from the knitting needles. Pull tight.

Slip next first stitch from each needle onto tapestry needle, one after the other and remove from knitting needles. Pull tight.

Repeat this action until you have removed all stitches from the knitting needles and have secured them with the yarn tail. Pull all tight.

Using tapestry needle, pull yarn through tip of toe to inside of sock.

Turn sock inside out. Secure yarn, hide ends. Trim.

Pull any other yarn tails to inside of sock and secure, hiding ends. Trim all.

Repeat all of the above for second sock.

Wear them and enjoy some foot hugging, ankle cuddling luxury!

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