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Knitting at KNoon Designs - Kathy's Mittens

© Chris de Longpré, Knitting At KNoon Designs, 2001, All Rights Reserved
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I designed these mittens for my sister, Kathy, who was learning to knit and wanted to be able to knit perfect mittens. With two little tykes and a teenager, she is one busy Mom, so these work up quickly. These easy mittens are great to make for little ones, because there is no "right" or "left" hand. Sizes fit infant (thumb-less version), toddler (S), pre-school (M), kinder-garten (L).

Yarn - Worsted weight yarn. A great project for using up left-overs, or purchase a ball of really yummy yarn that you love! Approximately 75 (S) to 150 (L) yards needed for each pair including the I-cord.

Needles - Straight needles, size 5 (3.25mm) and 7 (4.5mm), or size to obtain gauge; two double-point needles, size 5 (3.25mm), for I-cord

Other - Small stitch holder, preferably the kind that opens at both ends (or use waste yarn); tapestry needle.

Gauge: 16 stitches and 24 rows = 4" in stockinet stitch on larger needles.

1) Instructions are given for size small with changes for sizes (medium, large) given in parentheses. If only one number is given, it is for all sizes.

With smaller needles, cast on 24 (28, 32) stitches.
Work 8 (10, 12) rows in k1p1 ribbing.
Switch to larger needles and knit 1 row. Purl 1 row.
Repeat these two rows 0 (2, 2) times more.
For thumb-less, infant version, work even in stockinet stitch until piece measures 4-1/4" from beginning; go to "Shape Top."
For S (M, L), continue as follows:
Knit 11 (13, 15); knit in front and back loops (kfb) in each of next 2 stitches, knit to end [26 (30, 34) sts].
Purl 1 row.
Knit 11 (13, 15); kfb; knit 2; kfb; knit to end [28 (32, 36) sts].
Purl 1 row.
Knit 11 (13, 15); kfb; knit 4; kfb; knit to end [30 (34, 38) sts].
Purl 1 row.

Thumb: For base of thumb, work 2 (4, 6) more rows in stockinet stitch. Next row: Knit 11 (13, 15); kfb; k6; kfb; with right side facing, slip remaining stitches to a double-ended stitch holder or thread them on waste yarn in a contrasting color. Turn. Purl across 10 stitches of thumb; turn. Continue working thumb, ignoring the first 11 (13, 15) stitches on the needle, in stockinet stitch for 1" (1-1/4", 1-1/2") - or long enough for your child's thumb. Next row: knit 2 together (k2tog) 5 times. Cut yarn, leaving a long tail. With tapestry needle, thread this tail through the remaining thumb stitches and pull up tightly, fasten. Sew the inside thumb seam. Secure and weave in end.

Body of Mitten: With right side facing and end of yarn from ball behind work, use the end of the needle with remaining live hand stitches and pick up and knit one stitch on the right side of thumb, 1 st at the base of the thumb, and 1 st on the left side of thumb. With the inside of the mitten facing, slip the stitches from the stitch holder back onto the free needle. Turn work and knit these remaining stitches. Next row: Purl 11 (13, 15), p2tog, purl to end. Work even in stockinet stitch until piece measures 4-1/4" (5-3/4", 6-1/2") from beginning - or is long enough for your child's hand.

Shape Top:
*knit 2, k2tog*; repeat from *.
Purl 1 row.
*knit 1, k2tog*; repeat from *.
Purl 1 row.
k2tog, across.

Cut yarn, leaving long tail. With tapestry needle, thread this tail through the remaining stitches and pull up tightly, fasten. Sew side seam. Weave in ends. Make a second mitten the same as the first.

With the coat or jacket on a hanger (or your child!) hang a tape measure through the sleeves to determine the required length for the I-cord. Work I-cord(on-site demo)and attach securely to mitten cuffs at side seams. Block lightly if desired.

Unsure about a technique used in this pattern? Visit for free on-line video demonstrations of techniques used in this, and other, Knitting At KNoon patterns.

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