Thursday, December 11, 2008

jack and jill mittens

Yarn: 100 grams heavy wool yarn 3ply; #4 double pointed needles

With two strands of yarn held together as one, cast on 24 sts. Join. Work in the round in *k1p1* ribbing for 5.5-6 cm. Continue in purl stitch for 4 cm. Place 6 sts on stitch holder (for the base of the thumb) and purl the remaining 18sts in the round for another 7cm. Cut yarn leaving a 15cm tail. Using a darning needle, run yarn through all 18sts and pull tight. You are left with a very nice looking ring of stitches which won’t be uncomfortable to the child’s fingers.
Pick up the 6 sts off st holder, then pick up 4-6 sts evenly around the hole for the thumb. Now, be careful. You don’t want the thumb to have an edge, so the sts you pick up must be purl. Then, purl in the round for 4 cm and close with the help of a darning needle as in the top of the mitten.
Clean the mittens of any loose threads by slipping the threads in between the stitches and turn the mittens inside out.
That way, the stocking stitch is on the right side of the mitten. Of course, if you find it easier, you can work in knit stitch instead of purl and when you finish it, you will have knitted it on the right side.
To make the brim of the hat: pick up 20-30sts from the round where the thumb hole leaves off and rib for 2-2.5cm *k1p1*

Jack & Jill baby mittens

Have fun. You will see that these mittens will bring a little happiness to you, too.
Embroidery: use different color yarns to make it. Free your imagination. They don’t have to be like the ones I suggest. Your imagination and love for your child can do miracles. But your work will be rewarded. Children don’t keep anything back and you will be able to see their joy when you give them their new mittens. Now that is a well-earned reward, isn’t it?

My experiences with my own daughter have taught me that even though children love their toys and clothes, it's easy to lose them. And they suffer sincerely. Well, even a heart of ice would be moved by such sorrow in the eyes of a child. And then, it’s back to the knitting needles to replace the lost mitten. Or, you can cleverly make a crochet chain with which to join the two mittens together. Just slip the chain through the sleeves of the child’s coat. That way the mittens will never be lost :-)

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