Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thermal cooked yogurt

Making yogurt was one of the first applications we used our thermal cooker for. It makes the process almost effortless. Just before going to bed I would start the process by pouring 4 quarts of raw sweet Nubian goat milk (cow milk works too the more fat content the better) into the stainless steel inner container and place it on the stove. While monitoring it with a thermometer I’d bring the milk temperature to around 110 degrees (don’t exceed 118 degrees). I would add two packages of Yogourmet yogurt starter to the milk after the temp reached 100 degrees and would stir it in as the temperature rose the final 10 degrees. Once it reached 110 I would place the lid on the cooker and place it into the thermal outer container and set it aside and leave it until the morning. When I’d wake up I’d take out the inner pot and place it and the finished yogurt contents into the refrigerator. It’s that simple.

For future batches I would leave about 1/2 a cup to 1 cup in the container and add new milk over top of it as I heated it up to 110 repeating the process above but without adding any additional starter packages. We would make 4 or 5 batches before adding another starter pack to keep the cultures thriving.

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